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Stump Grinding

We have the right size equipment for any job. Regardless of the size of your stump or where it’s located, we can professionally grind the stump.We have invested heavily into the best sump grinding equipment for small residential stumps up to and including the largest commercial stumps on construction sites.

Having the right equipment means we can safely grind the stump without damaging your yard. It also means we can get to the stump even if it’s next to a fence or close to your home.

Debris Removal

After the stump is ground, depending on the size there will be wood chips left in a neat pile at the stump site. We do not recommend using the wood chips around your house as it will attract insects.

Debris removal is offered at a additional expense with the use of our Kubota tractor and dump trailer.

Landscape Services

We offer landscape services to add new loam and grass at the stump site.

Planting of trees are offered as well. 

Tree cutting and trimming referrals upon request.