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George Khoury Stump Grinding

George Khoury has been in the stump grinding business for over 15 years with his brother Patrick.

They are fully insured, and are currently contracted by the towns of Plymouth, East Bridgewater, and Randolph for stump grinding services. You are guaranteed to get a Khoury brother on the job site. George resides in the town of East Bridgewater, and Patrick resides in Plymouth.

They currently have 3 stump grinders, a Kubota tracker, and a dump trailer to assist you in getting rid of any size stump on your property. They also offer clean up service of the stumps after they are ground. There is no job too big, or small. They offer free estimates anywhere in the greater New England area.

Stump Grinding Benefits




Stump grinding removes the stump and the surrounding surface runner-roots left after a tree has been removed.

Stumps should be removed to reduce insect activity, reduce new and unwanted growth, provide room for further landscaping, and for improved aesthetics.

You’ve finally cut down a tree that was leaning dangerously close to your home. Now what should you do with the stump? The professionals at Khoury Stump Grinding can get rid of it for you.

We offer stump removal services throughout greater New England.

In some circumstances, even after a tree has been cut or has fallen off its place, you will see that the tree stump remains for a long time. This small portion of the tree trunk is stuck in the roots of the ground where the tree once stood. In some cases, the trees regenerate out of these stumps while in others they don’t. Stump removal is essential to clear the space for growing another tree.

CUSTOMER feedback

Thank you for your fast and professional service and great price. I would recommend your service.

Fred M.

I Just wanted to say Thank You for the work you did at the house I’m extremely satisfied with the service you provided and also the price. I’m looking forward to do other work in the future.  It’s really hard finding someone as professional as you are just want to extend my gratitude towards your services and keep up the good work.

Joe M.


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