page title icon The difference between stump removal and grinding

In some circumstances, even after a tree has been cut or has fallen off its place, you will see that the tree stump remains for a long time. This small portion of the tree trunk is stuck in the roots of the ground where the tree once stood. In some cases, the trees regenerate out of these stumps while in others they don’t. Stump removal is essential to clear the space for growing another tree.

Removing the stump can be performed in two ways: Tree Stump Removal or Tree Stump Grinding. You need to know the difference to know which one is better for the stump portion.

Stump Removal Technique

In stump removal techniques, you would find that the whole stump along with the root ball of the tree is removed. This is considered to be a slightly difficult process. Normally, when the tree grows, the root ball grows along with it. You would find that the root ball expands considerably giving in to large root sizes. General size of the root ball would be about four to ten times the size of a tree. This is why the root ball removal is considered challenging by most stump removal professionals. Once the root ball is removed using stump removal techniques, you would find that there is a huge hole in the ground, where the tree stood once.
Stump Grinding Technique

Once the tree has been cut to ground level or removed, the stump is removed using the stump grinding technique. While performing tree stump grinding, the stump is first grounded using a stump grinder into small pieces. These small pieces are such that they can be used as a ground cover or a mulch. After the stump is grounded using the grinder, till it is a few inches below the earth, the portion is covered by dirt and dust. After a period of time, the portion will decay along with the roots surrounding it.

Which Technique is Better?

Stump grinding is a more economical and time saving option as compared to stump removal for tree stump removal  You won’t find a hole at the end of the stump removal with this technique. It is always good to hire stump removal professionals as they know the techniques and tools well.